Hamsa Handpans now offers a six week group lessons program. Learn alongside equally skilled peers from two of Hamsa’s favorite players, Justin Ezor and Cam Steen. Lessons are every Sunday and overlap with our monthly HandPan Hangouts, allowing students to apply what they have learned with a diverse range of musicians. 

Cam is a multi-instrumentalist from Los Angeles. He has been producing electronic music for over 10 years. When he got his first handpan 3 years ago he immediately started testing the boundaries of organic percussion in electronic music. Right when we feel like we have seen it all, Cam reminds us that the handpan is still in its infancy.

Justin is a Los Angeles percussionist rounding his second decade practicing and performing. He adapted his jazz, rock and funk roots to the spiritual world of handpan. He has a unique meditative style and has performed at hundreds of sound healings all over the world. His passion for teaching others comes from the conviction that he can help them express themselves and go on to share their blessings with the world.

Cuirous about Lessons?

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